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How to see God

     When Natural Disaster Strikes

By Evangelist Nidicka Frederick

One of the most widely cited reasons for disbelief in God is the reality of natural disasters. Tsunamis engulf islands, volcanoes erupt, fires ravage through dry lands, hurricanes flood, and tornadoes wipe out- nature is a formidable force.  It is natural to want to blame someone or something for disasters but blaming God or denying his existence is not the reasonable choice.

The state of the current world is a result of sin. The very air we breathe is not the air God intended for his creation, its the air given as to us as an extension of his mercy and grace after we sinned against him. God's intention for his creation was that we live in paradise; we were created to live in perfect peace and fellowship with our Creator but from the beginning of time to present day we chose to deny God and his rich blessings and rely on ourselves.


I believe the reason why many of us fail to see God's love in disasters is because we fail to see our sinful nature in our daily lives; if we did acknowledge our sinful nature, we'd realize that our daily sins are as destructive as any natural disaster in the world. God does not create disasters for the purpose of watching us suffer-that would defeat the gift of the cross. Even if you consider the great flood of Noah's day or the or the burning of Sodom and Gomorrah, God's wrath was on the nature of sin but his mercy and hope was always with his creation. 

A natural disaster like Harvey offers humanity a rare opportunity to experience God at his most intrinsic-Love. After the attacks on The World Trade Centers the country came together as one nation, under God as I had never seen before or since. With tolerance, patience, kindness, and compassion the world came together to heal and repair in love. All natural disasters offers humanity an opportunity to experience (and show) God's love.  This is why we are going to make every effort to support our neighbors in Houston, the Gulf Coast and all of the places inland hit by this storm.  Please click on the link below to learn one of the many ways you can experience love during this great time of need. 

In His Service,

Evangelist Nidicka Frederick


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I get a tip that Victor Cruz is around the corner from my house at Kalahari and of course I'm doing homework, not dressed, in a ponytail and looking beat but it wasn't a date I was after so I jet up there with the quickness and it was worth the rush! He gave me my full 5 minute pitch to share my ministry goals and to hear how he can help and I asked him to pray over giving me an interview...Only time will tell but I think I might have one awesome article about faith and football coming up! Either way, he was an incredibly humble and gracious young man that now has my ministry website to share with others. That was one awesome study break! Thanks Victor Cruz!

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Where to start? Evangelist Nidicka, thank you for willingness to share your gifts, but more importantly in the sharing of yourself and your faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for being you and for all that you have done for our first, community movie night event. Blessings, Pastor Errol

I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Nidicka a couple of days ago over the phone and it was truly an honor! God bless you my Sista from the same Father!  Bill Morataya

I love your website! It is beautiful and full of personality like yourself... I will share love and tell friends and family to check you out! Keep doing what you are doing. Rhenotha Whitaker 

Hi Nidicka...Your site is amazing. God bless you. S. McKenley

Your love goes out into the world free and unconditional. Much love, Russ

Just wanted to say hi to my lovely ladies! Keep up the great work. M. Saraka

Need to reconnect with God again. Looking forward to reading your articles and getting back on track with his good grace. Miss you my friend. Feel so blessed to have met such a caring person. Hope your family is doing well. Keep doing what your doing girl. Thank you!! M. Marsh

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I will most certainly pray for your ministry to reach God's children and spread the word and works of God. I look forward to connecting with you to see how we can join together to do great and mighty things. With His love, WWIII

Thank you so much for inviting me to have the opportunity to read the wonderful articles and uplifting messages on this site. I love the positive energy and thank you for helping me remember where my mind and heart need to be. 

J. Takacs

It's 4:03 am and I just awoke. Bless God I was led to Let's Talk Online! What a blessing. Sharing is truly caring. You never know how you may impact someone else's life by sharing. May God continue to bless, keep and use you Nidicka. I love you. M. Bahamonde

Great message and fantastic use of social media! Keep up the good work! 

Amy G-

Blessings to you and continue to share the word of God in such a mighty and needed way. Deborah M. Cofer

I am interested in the 30 day challenge! It was such a pleasure meeting you today. May the Lord continue to bless you. Michael Anderson

What an incredible article. I want to thank you for using my music. I pray that God's love and peace will be always felt. God bless you friend. Peace. 

Pastor Asaph Womack

Thanks a lot.  This may be a good thing.   Your words are inspiring and comforting.   You have a certain gentleness and ease of expression that makes you able to get people thinking.   This is what I think anyway.   Gifted for this work I would say...M. Storelli




Your articles have been very helpful and inspirational to me. L. Sands


Inspirational. Reading the articles and the book makes me know that God can do all. Keep inspiring people! T. Hilton



M. Marsh, PA


Your words of wisdom have been life changing and self fulfilling. So many miracles has taken place in my life because of you. MAY GOD ALWAYS BE WITH YOU!!!! 

L. O'Dowd, PA


The website has a lot of useful information and will be a help to those who will be seeking Christian advice. R. Dubose


Your level of faith is truly apparent in your poem and articles. I'm glad you share yourself with the rest of us :) M. Piranio

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