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Welcome to my Hair Ministry Page

All crochet styles up to 22'' are $100.00 flat & 100% of the proceeds goes to building our community ministries. 

Hair is not included. Install includes an essential oil scalp basing, crochet needle, and 1 signature love ornament.

*Ask about the Referral Bonus Program-

with 5 paid referrals your crochet style can be Free!

Rules for engagement:

1. Come with a clean, dry scalp

2. Consult with me about how much hair is needed BEFORE the appointment. (Hair is not sold at our facility) As a rule it is better to have too much than not enough.

3. Understand the difference between crochet and weave styles. *Some straight styles may still expose braids or knots

My Personal Journey

I do not wear crochets, weaves or any hair extension style because I don't have hair. I'm blessed with thick, growing hair but I have a scalp condition in which the flare ups can be so brutal, cutting all my hair feels the only source of relief. For years my sister suffered with eczema which could appear anywhere on her body including her face, neck and legs- I never thought I suffered with that disease but learned later in life  that I suffered with it differently, in my scalp.  (Below is my scalp during an eczema outbreak and my natural fro)

On the surface, my hair would appear thick and healthy but during an outbreak my scalp would become red, inflamed, and sometimes bleed.

My goals when doing any hair style is getting your hair in to it's healthiest condition.  For myself, this means a regimen of cleaning my scalp with medicated shampoos and selecting conditioners with natural ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E.  Although I have learned that perms contain harsh chemicals to straighten, I have also learn that you can have healthy permed hair if you care for it while it's permed. Many people believe once the hair is straightened, that's all that needs to be done, but permed hair that is washed and deep conditioned and further maintained with essential oils will yield an entirely different experience from the 'perm and go' mentality many who perm have. Quite often (although not always) when hair breaks and sheds after perming, it was either due to over processing or it was processed and neglected that caused the most damage and not the perm itself.  When I say neglected, I'm not talking lack of product and styling- I'm talking about the absence of a regimen of moisture through washing, deep conditioning and using essential oils on the hair and scalp.

The road to healthier hair started with a consistent regimen (I was willing to stick with)

Caring for your hair is a mental process. I compared it to dieting for myself because I would often start off strong and get all excited for results and then gradually fall off the wagon once I thought the results weren't coming fast enough.  As with any real transformation in life, change in your hair's condition will require optimism (belief it can happen), patience (willingness to stay the course), and consistency in routine (finding a program you will stick with). For me, I did the familiar route of cutting off the damaged hair and starting from scratch. I wash my hair consistently (realizing it's a myth that my hair needed to be dirty to grow), I deep condition after washing and use a daily conditioner (spray bottle) with a blend of leave in conditioner and essential oils (recipe underneath), I stimulate my scalp daily, and don't limit myself to protective styling BUT I protect my hair with every style.

Growth with Care is Inevitable...

The hardest part about 4c textured hair for me is the longer it grows, the harder it is to maintain. I can remember washing my hair before it got any length and crying because I got frustrated detangling it! (True story) I'm proud of my healthy hair but I also don't have 3 hours a day to maintain it so I have found my own personal peace and solace in crochet braiding.  

Crochet braiding allows me access to my scalp, versatility in styling, a variety of ethnocentric hair textures,  and the convenience of quick styling that last for days. I have also found that a secret to protecting my hair in any style, especial braid and cornrow based styles is limiting the install to a maximum of 3 week (oftentimes I'll do 2). Crocheting is the most economical and creative way for me to continue to grow my hair, condition my scalp, and have fun with my hair. 

Within the first few months of hair growth and restored hair health, I found myself exchanging hair tips and offering to crochet hair. Before you knew it, Crochet Braids by Nicki was born. Although I cannot commit to hair styling full time- I'm excited whenever I get the opportunity to crochet hair and start someone else on their own personal journey of hair health. Below enjoy some pic of my favorite looks and clients! 

Some of my favorites styles

Because I love her...Indie Irie You Tube Videos