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Evangelist Nidicka Frederick with Sister in Christ, Dawn Rack of HK Mission

The word mission as defined by Dictionary.com means “…An important goal or purpose that is accompanied by strong conviction; a calling or vocation”. With that being said, HK Mission is not only appropriately titled but it is such a worthy cause that I’d like to take this time to invite the rest of the world to not only share in its vision but to further demand its on-going, God inspired success by involvement and support via the lending of your time and/or donations. 

Let's Meet HK Mission's Founder, Dawn Rack

I had the honor to share a meal at Perkin’s with founder of HK Mission Dawn Rack.  She shared with me her personal testimony, her vision and how HK Mission came into being.  My first impression of Dawn as the sweet, mild mannered soccer mom was quickly shattered as we began to talk; this was no timid church mouse but a woman who was aware of her goals, fixated on her mission and on fire for Christ! I immediately felt a bond between us and knew I had been given the gift of another sister in Christ.  

Dawn is married with two beautiful children and a devoted member of Innovations Church in Cresco, PA.  She found inspiration in both her husband Jonathan, who is Dawn’s partner of 14 years and number one supporter as well as in her children, Hunter and Kendra whose initials bears the mission's name.

About the Mission

There is nothing worse than the feeling of hopelessness one can experience when someone they love becomes ill.  This is the empathetic feeling Dawn considered the parents of children in the hospital must go through when watching their little ones suffering with need of treatment so defenseless. She then noticed when her own children had become ill needing to spend time in the hospital that not all hospitals offered activities for the children or resources for the parents that would be considered common practice in a specialty “Children’s Hospitals.” Dawn decided that one day she would provide those absent resources to local hospital children’s wards with the hopes of making the experience feel less hopeless for families across the globe. HK Mission is doing just that! HK Mission provides pouches of love to families with children in non-specialty children hospitals.  

Each pouch contains multiple activities, crafts and toys for the child in care along with A Parent’s Prayer for a Sick Child, A Get Well Cad made from one child to another, and An Inspirational Card and Message from the HK Mission to the parents. HK mission recognizes two very important facts: One, a child preoccupied with toys, crafts and fun has no time to worry and two; a parent with faith can endure all things.  HK Mission is on a mission to remind hospitals and families alike that sometimes the simplest gestures make the greatest difference. Fear is replaced with a child’s smile, a sibling’s laugh and a parent’s hope. With the efforts of HK Mission, the love of the Lord becomes a welcomed comfort during a family’s most trying time.

How you can Help

This answer is so easy that I truly believe together we can help this mission go global in no time at all!  The very first request is for prayer. We believe that God hears the prayers of the righteous. We believe that there is POWER in prayer and we agree with HK Mission that prayer is an invaluable resource which is never to be taken for granted.  You can ask God to continue to bless this mission, for resources to be made available and for this mission to do God’s will in the hearts and lives of all who it reaches.  Another way you can help is by sending “token gifts” of pouch items directly to HK Mission.  Gifts can be for boys and girls ages 2-15 and can include dollar store items like coloring books, crayons, nail polish, matchbox cars, puzzles, Sudoku/crossword puzzles, dolls, bubbles or fun socks. Partner with HK Mission and sponsor your own toy/activity drive at your local church or place of employment to keep this torch of love burning bright!  Monetary donations are always welcomed and again can be done by fundraising such as a juice box or bake sale. Every penny counts and no effort is too great or too small because we appreciate it all!    For more ideas on how to help you can contact HK Mission by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

All donations can be mailed to 

HK Mission Ministry at Innovation Church

6048 Paradise Valley Road

Cresco, PA 18326                                                                    

God Is a Healer
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