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Falling Short
Finding the motivation to get back in motion

An article of faith dedicated to Ben and my Cize family.

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I was on Facebook offering some encouragement to one of my “Cize” family members and his frustrations triggered my own and inspired me to write this article. Today I’d like to talk a moment about when our motivation and actions (or lack thereof) hinders our success. 

Lack of motivation is a spiritual condition. I’m starting out the gate with that provocative statement because I can tell you from my personal experience, through coursework in psychology (Thank you Hofstra University!), and through my passionate study of the Word of God that motivation is a spiritual issue and since Satan attacks us in our spirit it’s important to not only recognize where lack of motivation stems from but also how you can defeat it…Let’s Talk!

Everything I have ever failed at taught me valuable lessons. It’s very important that we approach life as consummate learners because God will offer teaching moments daily (we just need to catch them). I can remember when I couldn’t lose weight and my husband challenged me by asking “Why aren’t you making your weight lose a spiritual endeavor?” and I had to face that God is not some indifferent entity confined to the walls of a church- God is part of my daily walk, has redeemed me through the gift of Jesus Christ, and imparted the Holy Spirit in me so that His reconciling love can be experienced on a daily basis…that is to say, “God’s got my back!” This changes things. Failure is now placed in a whole new perspective; fear now has a purpose and success is no longer something I will never grasp but something for me to approach methodically so that I can share it with others.

So what does the Bible teach us about motivation? Well immediately I’m drawn to two Scriptures: The first is an imperative statement “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6) and the second a beautiful promise 33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33) The first steps in overcoming lacks in motivation is to remember two very important things 1. We are useless in our own strength. If we have faith and trust God, He will pave the way for us and 2. Times are going to get hard…life is difficult, but God is much stronger than any obstacle we might face! 

Once you are able to put your motivation in to proper perspective it’s much easier to defeat Satan’s attempts to steal your success. Here I’d like to share 3 steps for changing your mood from “Uninspired” to “You Got This.” (that was for my Cize family) They are: Prioritize, Delegate and No.


One of the biggest accomplishment stealer is trying to be everything to everybody and trying to accomplish an impossible amount of tasks. The problem with creating such a full plate is that it is unrealistic. Not meeting unrealistic goals lends to feelings of inadequacies, depression and burn-out when in fact you were just attempting to do too much at one time and to boot, doing things out of order. You must get rid of the thought that says, “Everything is urgent right now” and adopt the more reasonable truth, “Somethings must take priority over others right now.” This is not to say that other things aren’t important, but it is a way to focus and create task oriented distinction to what can and cannot be done in a given day. For example- I recently left my employer due to workplace ethics I could no longer engage in. The refusal to change the environment ultimately forced me to move on but has also placed me in EOC litigation with my employer. This added paperwork and employment searching to an already daunting “To do list”. I’m a student at Liberty University School of Divinity, I’m trying to rebuild my ministry team, I’m trying to build my ministry vision (this website), I started a new and growing hair business (completely accidental- but glory to God) and I’m a wife and mother. Prioritizing is knowing that if a document is due by Monday and I want to take a hair appointment, I need to schedule it on Tuesday. Prioritizing is really taking a hard look at your life and then hitting it with the Serenity Prayer! Ask God to give you the wisdom to know not only what needs to be done, but in which order to do it so that accomplishments can be measured. This makes suggestion number two, delegating much easier.


People hear this word and immediately place a negative connotation to it like, “I don’t like being told what to do and I don’t like telling others what to do.” This mindset is the trick of the Devil. Delegation is not a power trip, it’s an organizational tool and a lifesaver when wanting to see and measure accomplishments. How silly would it be for me to attempt to do everything by myself when God has placed around me a system of support excited to see me succeed! I was silly once, and I thought foolishly I could do everything on my own and I didn’t need anybody’s help to do it! This is spiritually immature and physically impractical. More gets accomplished with help…period! Sometimes, when we give ourselves so much to do and then refuse to delegate work to get it done, do you know what gets accomplished? NOTHING! Whether chores, errands or business- see what you can do but equally important see what someone can do for you. Stop and assess your situation. See if your cooking, cleaning, bathing the dog and painting the shutter with able bodies around being underutilized. See if your writing reports, taking on projects or operating in a chaotic environment where assistance and organization skills are being unused. Once you start utilizing the resources around you, you will not only start to see task getting done, but you’ll also gain the important sense of accomplishment needed to keep you motivated to do more!


This one may seem cheeky but I promise it’s spiritually sound. Sometimes we get unmotivated and feel burdened and overwhelmed because we are engaging in task we should simply not be engaging in. This s when it becomes extremely important to know how to say “No!” Saying no is another act that comes with negative connotations. Many feel guilty or believe erroneously that nice people always say yes. There is no easier way to getting manipulated, stretched too thin, and ultimately not getting work done than saying yes to everyone and anything. Even when someone presents you something you really want to do, you must first check your priority list and see where that new project will fit in in your “greater scheme of things.” Becoming a “Yes man” is not a guarantee to success but it can most certainly hinder you and cause your failure. Declining can be done respectfully or offered as a postponed yes but in these rare cases, give realistic time frames. For example, I’m building my ministry. Throughout my networking I’m often enticed to give time and energy to other ministry objectives but that doesn’t mean I should. I must be careful to give what I can and not what others may believe they need of me or I’ll run the risk of dropping the ball on the objectives God has given me. This is not always easy and requires discernment but it can be done. As a champion for Christ, I’m servant minded so I have a propensity to want to say “Yes, I’ll do it” easily but beware of this temptation. When God places His will in your life, He is not shorthanded. He will tell you what you can do and what you cannot do.  He will also empower you with the wisdom to make wise commitments and the ability to keep them. It is really important to ask God His will in this area. Pray, listen and then act accordingly. 

I hope this lesson has been a blessing to you. Sometimes, when I’m writing these lessons, I know I’m preaching to myself because I can use the advice as much as I give it. Whether this piece is needed for diet, exercise, employment, or home life- these rules still apply. This is why I believe in this ministry so strongly and why I believe together we can build a community of believers that redefines what the world think they know about Christ and truly show the world, through our love for each other, what Christianity is really about! We all fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23) but when we place God in our situation, hold on in faith and move systematically towards success through Christ- failure is no longer an option, just an inevitable set back!

I’d love to get your feedback. Share your testimony, agreement or disagreement with me. Your opinions count here at LTOCZ and I grow from sharing in life’s journey with you. Until next time I love you- 

Evangelist Nidicka Frederick (you know…your girl Nicki)

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