Warm Spring Blessings   

  From your friends at

Let's Talk in Hershey, PA 
at the Joyce Meyers Conference 2013

LTOCZ.com took a road trip to Hersey Pennsylvania to worship with Joyce Meyers Ministries. We thought this would be an excellent opportunity to engage in fellowship with each other as a staff, gain insights to share in future magaZine issues and to introduce LTOCZ.com to a faithful audience and I must say, the people who support Joyce Meyers are some of the nicest people I have met in my life! Don’t ever doubt that there exist a body of people in faith, hungry and excited to praise the Lord.  There is a mighty body of Christians worldwide and a portion of us gathered in Hershey PA this weekend at the Joyce Meyers 2013 Conference. 

We decided to make this an all-out road trip so we rented a Chrysler Town & Country from Enterprise Car Rental, the best car rental agency in PA, parked our cars to ride together and that’s when the fun and fellowship began!  Packed with a picnic style lunch of fried buffalo nuggets, macaroni salad, ham salad, fruit kabobs, veggies, coffee cake, brownies, cold drinks and other goodies we set out for the ride.  Music and conversation made the two hour commute fly by. Despite the pouring rain, we laughed and talked all the way there to arrive early enough to have or pick of seating.  The arena was crowded when we arrived, not packed but didn’t take long before the arena was packed from ceiling to rafter with people ready to worship. I took time before and after the seminar to do some Christian networking. I introduced myself and our mission to further the Kingdom of God using the worldwide internet and to place Christ in the center of all contemporary conversation and people were excited about the idea and listening.  I met a missionary back from Bosnia who initially passed on taking my business card or engaging in conversation until she realized that we too were furthering the Kingdom of God through our efforts to make the name Jesus Christ global via the internet.  She suggested we lose the word “magaZine” in our presentation because someone busy as herself might “disregard” our efforts mistaking it for something “frivolous” in error; I also met a lady named Dolores who simply offered heartfelt encouragement which goes a long way in an endeavor like ours.  I spoke to people who could be potential future contributors and some who may become ongoing supporters of our work; everyone with their own gift of an engaging smile and each giving us a priceless gift of reassurance. 

The conference opened with a musical performance by Matt Redman that had the entire theater on their feet with hands reached out to heaven in praise. Joyce then introduced her husband Dave who spoke an emphatic plea for Christians to remember that this country was founded and built on Christian principles and to take a stand against the present state of the country by not allowing those Christian principles to but forever lost as it is clearly dissolving on a daily basis.  Joyce than gave her service on the topic of faith. She shared fifteen principles of faith that spoke to the hearts of most every person in the arena which was evident in the cheers and sometimes confessing laughter that echoed throughout.  Aside from the lesson on faith, Joyce shared advice in the fashion she is best known for-practical! She gave a much needed lesson for myself about partnership in which I learned we, in the body of Christ, can accomplish much more together than we can alone. With our efforts being so new, you often feel like a small fish in large pond but Joyce reminded me that all giving makes a difference so my humble beginnings is a beginning nonetheless. I was overjoyed to make our very first LTOCZ.com commitment a partnership with Joyce Meyers Ministries and although our monthly pledge was small in number it was huge in heart.  Joyce shared another common sense lesson when she made a comparison about eating at McDonald’s but paying Burger King for the meal to show how important it is to support where you are fed and I agree that support cannot be limited to your local church but should also extend to any ministry in which you are actively participating in and receiving good food from so that they can too continue their good works.

The discussion on faith had each of us looking at each other and nodding in agreement as Joyce seemed to touch on our situations specifically.  She didn’t know that the LTOCZ.com staff also work in Human Services field and deals daily with the frustrations of people living “dependent” on welfare and not God for their provisions; she also could not have known that our ministry was experiencing the loss of one of our initial members due to their own fear and lack of faith but she talked about that also! We walked in feeling strong and left feeling even stronger.  We came in feeling equipped and left feeling empowered to handle our mission with this website, our “jobs” and our everyday relationships with a firmer understanding of God’s Word and more specifically His word on faith.  

I will leave you on this note- Joyce Meyers is doing what LTOCZ.com is aspiring to do and what we all should be aspiring to do which is encouraging all people to utilize the Word of God in their everyday lives.  Joyce allows God to be the star of her conference and lets the audience know what she is sharing is God’s Word, not hers, she is the messenger, not the message.  By sharing her own life, the hurts, failures and successes Joyce reminds us that our lives are daily journeys which should be taken in pursuit of Christ. As Christians, we will all make mistakes and sometimes we will even want to give up but that is where ministry and faithful fellowship shows up.  It is important to be in a faith filled church, but ministry should also be taking place in your homes in discussions with your children and spouses, in your workplace in how you handle everyday stresses and in community by inviting a friend to a conference like this…

Hebrews 11:6 tells us it is impossible to please God without faith. And that anyone who approaches God must first believe that He is God and will reward those who diligently seek Him.  Joyce was correct in stating that scripture alone warrants an entire lesson so LTOCZ.com will do just that and make faith the focus of our next month’s issue.  For anyone who does not believe in a perfect day, redefine your understanding of perfect.  A day lived in Christ, in praise, in worship and in fellowship is a perfect day.  There are days that transcends bills and obligations, weather and responsibility- days of resting in faith that God is who He says He is and the rewarder of those diligently seeking Him.  Yesterday was the kind of day that replenishes, builds, edifies and inspires and I thank God for Joyce Meyers Ministry for making it available to thousands of people at no cost, for her audience that shows God’s love runs deep and we Christians are out there, and to my LTOCZ.com staff whose journey has just begun and I am honored to taking the journey along with them.

Please enjoy some photos and video clips from our Joyce Meyer Conference 2013 in Hershey, PA.