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"I am very blessed by your video. If it was for anyone else I am sure it was for me. Like you i have been one of those who asked God for things and get exactly what I asked and complained later after I got it. I asked for a nice car & everyone comment that's a nice car without my asking them! Its then I had a wakeup call that had i ask for a luxury car I could have gotten it. i limited God! Recently I asked for time to write & record songs for music ministry he is calling me to. I have been struggling financially for a long time so I told him, I work on the music if he would bless me to have more than enough so I do not have to worry about paying my rent or bills. Well he answered & after been home a few months started bawling beg for job cause friends and family commenting I am lazy. I got the job got stressed started complaining i need rest! I lost the job now I am home again learning to rest in him and do what he has called me to do. He has promised me big things for the future. I believe him as he has shown me my Promise Land in a dream. It is so much bigger than me, it is overwhelming as i have started asking for big things for his Kingdom. However the waiting process has been a struggle but he has been gracious & has been encouraging me to hold on using both secular & Christian means. I was surfing today & the movie children of a lesser god just pop in my head! I looked it up and found you with this message waiting for me! Thanks for being obedient! It pays off.



Your article provided a spiritual perceptive to coping with failure that is often overlooked by the multitudes. As a student of psychology, I surmised that the key to overcoming personal failure involves learning from those failures while enhancing your own strengths. However, the stark difference between your article and my academic assumptions is that my perspectives focuses on the “self” while your perspective focuses on God. Thank you for insightful message.

M. Alexander, NY  


A short story to those who take the time to read these comments, just be4 Christmas I lost my job 2 no fault of my own. Now as we all know a job is very important cause we all have bills that need 2 be paid and some of us have family depending on us 4 the simple things in life. Well without work comes that scary feeling of "how am I going 2 pay 4 the place where me and my family sleep, eat, shower, and basically call home? What about the simple things like electric, water, food, gas 2 put in the car so I can look 4 work? Not 2 mention the holidays are coming how am I going 2 buy gifts 4 my love ones? Well a lot more i can say but then this wouldn't be a short story- but I’m guessing those who read this comment can fill in the blanks. Anyway I am still looking 4 work and I’m somehow getting by but if anyone has been in my shoes u know that feeling of "what did I do 2 deserve this" and "why is this happening 2 me" and "I just wanna die." Maybe that’s 2 dramatic but I have had those feelings and more until this one person came in2 my life and changed my way of thinking. I came across her when I was almost at rock bottom with no money 2 buy the simple need of food and 2 think I never saw myself looking 2 someone 4 help I’m a man I don’t need help from no one but the truth is at one point in every one’s life we all are going 2 need that helping hand and I just happened 2 get lucky and find someone who really cares about people not because she is getting a paycheck 4 it but cause deep inside her heart it’s in her and from that day I came across her 2 the day I die (which I hope is long away) I know I have some one that I can talk 2 and get advice and believe in what she tells me when things don’t look good. Well I wanna end this comment by saying thank you so much MISS FREDERICK you don’t know how much you done 4 me cause be4 talking 2 u I didn’t know what I was going 2 do and you have giving me a feeling that with faith and will I will get through these hard times ahead of me. So God bless you and ur family cause he has blessed me by you coming in2 my life when things looked scary 4 me.  Thank you again and I will be on this website looking 4 Ur advice every day.

S. Cintron, PA