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Let's Talk Celebrates

Children's Christian Author William L. Wilkinson

and his

Angels of Agape

"Angels of Agape Publishing’s mission is to:

    Engage, Educate and Empower Christian Children"

                                                           -W. L. Wilkinson


Greetings William. I want to thank you for taking the time to share your ministry with this website and the world. So Let's Talk! 

Where are you from (or represent)?


I am originally from Montclair, New Jersey, where I lived until I married my wife in 2006. My wife Veronica and I then moved to the Poconos to start and raise a family.


Amazing. Would you like to tell us a little about your family?


I am a proud husband and father. My wife is my support system, editor, best friend, cheerleader and my crown jewel. I have two sons, ages six and four, who are the reason for which I write. Their love for learning about God has opened my eyes to to the gifts that He has blessed me with.


So would you say that they are the inspiration to your ministry?


The birth of my first son inspired me to develop fun ways to help children learn and understand about the God they serve. Far too often children are sitting in church not understanding the words being used so they tune everything out, with the notion that the message does not apply to them. 

This is so true and the reason why your work is so necessary and needed in our contemporary culture! Let's talk about your publishing company Angels of Agape...


I started my publishing company in 2007 with the launch of my first book entitled “The ABC’s of Scripture: from anointed to zealous” with my oldest son in mind. I needed to find a way to teach him God’s word on a level that he would understand. The book also affirms the message that  we are God’s children and as such, we are anointed, blessed, chosen, and so on, because we are His precious children. My most recent book “RAPHA: God My Healer” focuses on God’s ability to heal. Inspired by my youngest son’s diagnosis of acute kidney failure, accompanied by his hospitalization and now multiple doctor visits, I needed to explain to him the reason so many people prayed for his recovery and why his mother and I are so thankful to God, in our prayers, for his continued improvement.


So not only are you writing incredible stories but you are also the publisher? 


Yes. My publishing company is called “ANGELS OF AGAPE” which means angels of Godly love; after all, a child’s love is unconditional, just like the love of God. Every book that I publish is supported by scripture and encourages children to use their imaginations to put the Word of God into practice. 


Truly amazing! Where would you like to see yourself/project/your organization within the next 5 years?


Angels of Agape Publishing will soon provide children with Christian content, from cartoons to Sunday school curriculum. In addition, I see my ministry developing various online resources to teach the Word of God in fun and imaginative ways.


Share with our readers how they can access your work and support your cause


Angels of Agape Publishing can be accessed online at:


Or we can be contacted by email at:

[email protected]

and supporters and followers can be kept up to date on all events, publishings, products and resources on facebook at:



Aside from purchasing our collection of Christian children's books, we also welcome the support of anyone sharing our information with others. Whether spreading the word via social media or even bringing our literature to local Christian daycares, schools and churches; all efforts to further our ministry is most welcomed and appreciated.


It is our absolute honor and privilege to share your good work with others. LTOCZ.com supports your ministry efforts wholeheartedly! We are envisioning Godly partnerships and have hopes to see your publications featured in Scholastic, Head start classrooms, church nurseries and every children hospital wing across the globe! there is no greater gift to a child than to teach them in youth the love of God. There is an organization called HK Missions lead by my sister in Christ Dawn Rack. She creates goody bags for children who are admitted into hospitals that do not have specialized children units. I couldn't imagine how the two of you together couldn't collaborate to revolutionize pediatric care and recovery across the globe. Our prayers are that you reach as far and as wide as God takes you.


I can't believe our time is almost over. Can you share with us anything else you want our page viewer to know about you and your ministry work? 


We facilitate events that encourage children to actively participate in the program, which in turn, helps them retain the message being taught. We believe in combining entertainment with education to have a lasting impression.

Current books by Angels of Agape Publishing include:

• The ABC’s of Scripture:  from Anointed to Zealous




• RAPHA: God My Healer

To see or review our latest work, please visit our website and reach out to us. I'm providing a video I hope you and your viewers will enjoy


I'd like to thank Mr. Wilkinson for taking time to share his work with us and I strongly encourage you to visit his website and make one of his children's books part of your child's, niece, nephew, neighbor, student, friend or even a complete stranger's library. For a very low price you receive a priceless gift and deposit seeds of righteousness in children than can never be undone. Enjoy the video.

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