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Wear Your Crown Ministry

By Evangelist Nidicka Frederick

Let’s Talk had the honor and privilege of attending the first Wear Your Crown Ladies Brunch held at the Shawnee Inn Golf and Resort in Bushkill, PA and I’m excited to share with you the details of this spirit filled event.

The Venue

The Shawnee Inn Golf and Resort seems the perfect choice for almost any First Annual event. The scenic grounds, spacious rooms and friendly staff only added to the classic ambiance and well prepared food which included an omelet station, French toast, pancakes, fresh fruit, oatmeal, and assortment of pastries, coffee, tea and orange juice.  The large windows offered a lovely view of the beautifully up kept grounds and even the rain provided a comfort and coziness that lent to the event theme of togetherness. If there were a complaint to be found, it would be the almost too cold temperature in the room which was regulated without delay once reported to the help staff. One could not help but to highly and enthusiastically recommend using this venue for upcoming events.

The Event

For those of you who have never heard of the Wear Your Crown Ministry, you are in for treat. Bringing this event to PA was the brainchild of Toni Rodriquez. Toni is a native New Yorker who is now living in PA and has bought with her to this mountain her years of church activity and service. A member of Innovations Church in Cresco, PA Toni is the Hosting Committee Chair for the Ladies Brunch in PA and continues to serve as a Guest Service Team member at her local church. 

     Wear Your Crown is a ministry aimed specifically at the biblical goal of fellowship, more especially sisterhood. This was a coming together of women in faith to share in their appointment of being purposed women of God and the goal was to come in as you are but to leave feeling rejuvenated and uplifted.  The room was beautifully decorated with the WYC logos and tables set to seat six allowing for comfort and development of intimate bonding. Perhaps one of most phenomenal aspects of this event was that it was free of charge and provided gift bags to each attendee to boot. Although donations were accepted, I cannot remember donations being requested once outside of brief mention at the beginning of the program. 


In their own words, WYC Ministry is about, “…accepting and loving ourselves and each other unconditionally, in the same way the Lord accepts and loves us. In growing together we are going to empower one another, so we can help other sisters in our churches, and in the Kingdom at large.”  This lived out philosophy was evident in the very welcoming personality of the Master of Ceremony, Je’nia Brown whose warmth of heart was a highlight of the event. Je’nia opened the event with a prayer and then lit a candle and requested a moment of silence to honor those persecuted because of their life in Christ like the South Carolina nine whose lives are forever embedded in our hearts because of their faith. Another featured highlight was the praise songs sung by Heather Kollar and accompanied by Josh. They openly invited the presence of the Holy Spirit and with arms and voices reaching heaven they set the tone for genuine worship to take place. 


The afternoon continued with a delicious brunch followed by guest speaker Pastor Jennie Torres who is an ordained Prophetess out of Houston, TX. Pastor Torres offered a compelling sermon infused with her personal testimony and managed to address some of the most common infirmities facing women (both in and outside of faith) including sex abuse, physical abuse, financial hardships, marital woes, and wayward children. She offered hope and humor and clearly made an impact on each person in the room. The program ended appropriately with keynote speaker and ministry founder Fathima P. Torres. Fathima also gave sermon on an ironic topic given my first impression of her (detailed below) and offered the room insightful words about being who God appointed you to be despite who others believe you are.

About The Founder

Fathima P. Torres is a COO of the 503c, not-for-profit organization GEMS’ (Girls Education and Mentoring Service) GEMS’ is an organization developed to serve girls and young women who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking. Fathima’s involvement in church and community serves to prove that her desire to edify, restore and transform the lives of woman is not just lip-service but her Godly appointed life’s mission. Fathima boost her Latin pride and has traveled all over Latin America and Europe speaking at various conferences and seminars. Fathima is a member of New Life Fellowship in New York City and the proud mother two children. 

My Experience

As a seminary student and ministry founder I look forward to every opportunity to connect with other Christians, to witness Christ to others and to support other missions. Unfortunately, my experience with “connecting” has sometimes been met with resistance of the most peculiar kinds. In 2011 twelve churches in Monroe County collectively refused to support or attend my Youth-Young Adult Prayer Vigil. Literal request to involve youth groups and solicit support was met with vehement opposition as concerns for “displaying the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues” was a Catholic concern while losing members to a dynamic cause made the Lutheran and Episcopal Church leery of attending. At the McDonald’s Gospel Fest in 2013, Bishop TD Jakes cancelled a scheduled interview with me because my ministry was too “grassroots and unknown”. He could only find time for "established ministries" which offered a photo opportunity of which my obscure ministry could not render. Most recently, my search to find a spiritual home in PA came to an abrupt end when the church I thought I could seed my gifts in to revealed greater desire for mega success than authentic worship…so I have had some experiences with “church folks” that has left me on my knees praying. I share this because I may inadvertently hold on to sensitivity when approaching new ministries. 


At this event, everyone who glanced in my direction was warm and welcoming until I had an "experience" that left an odd impression. During one of the prompted invitations to meet and greet, I took the initiative to reconnect with an acquaintance I once interviewed for the website from Innovations Church. While we were reconnecting, Fathima approached us both to introduce herself.  After telling us her name, she glance over and asked our names. Dawn introduced herself first and as I was about to say my name, Dawn offered her last name continuing “Dawn Rack” at which point Fathima turned her back to me and conversed with Dawn as if I was not standing there. I stood there (probably in shock) long enough to hear Fathima tell Dawn that she wanted to meet her, had been on her website, and was very impressed with her ministry. After over a minute of literally staring at the back of Fathima’s head I graciously (I hope) walked away.  Not an hour later, Fathima was delivering a message out of Acts 9 about how first impressions are unfortunately lasting and how people should get more than one chance to make a first impression which I found ironic. She taught about Ananias’ hesitation to go to Paul because Paul's reputation preceded him but God encouraged him to go, despite what he heard because what God spoke of Paul was truer than what others believe of Paul and even what Paul believed of himself.  As I listened in awe of God- I humbled myself to God’s presence and I put offense out of my mind but I knew I would need a second “first impression” with Fathima and prayerfully one day, I will get one.

When All is Said and Done

This is a worthwhile ministry and an above and beyond cause. Although the program was well compiled, it did not included much needed contact information addressing how to support a Wear Your Crown event and the ministry objectives in general. Contact cards were given out and I, of course, discerningly shared LTOCZ.com business cards so hopefully lasting connections will ensue. Check back for information on how you can make donations of time, money or service to Wear Your Crown Ministry.  I pray that God will continue to grow and bless this ministry and guard the hearts, mind and souls of its founder and followers.


I hope you have enjoyed this article

Blessings always-

Evangelist Nidicka Frederick

Share Your Thoughts

Fathima A. Torres WYC Founder wrote:

Dear Nidicka, 

Thank you for taking the time to write such a beautiful and well written article about our ladies' brunch. I greatly appreciate the details included. As I read about your experience at the event my heart ached for being the author of such horrible experience for you. What you described is accurate however, it was never with the intention to produce such outcome. I just recently learned about Dawn's ministry and in the excitement of realizing that it was her who I was meeting I neglected you and that was never the intention and it is not what you deserve; the excitement got the best of me. I am sad that I left you with such a bad first impression but it is even sadder for me to learn that I did not showcase our Lord to the standards that He deserves. Please, accept my apologies for the experience and for my neglect. I pray to our King that in the near future I get the opportunity to apologize in person and a second chance to showcase Christ at His best. God bless you and thank you for your feedback.

Evangelist Nidicka Frederick wrote:

Sister Fathima, 

My heart is encouraged. You are a true woman of God and I look forward to meeting you again. May God continue to bless you and WYC. LTOCZ.com looks forward to being in witness to all God will continue to do through you. 

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